Wild Light

Karen Cygnarowicz / Link to Website

In 2012, I moved away from any sense of home. Alone, in a new state, as a recent college graduate, I decided I needed to do something that demonstrated my process(ing). I picked up a paintbrush. The moment marks my memory as an incredibly fearful one. I adored pencils for I was shy, and at 23, my voice was hidden, shadow. While in a time and place of profound change, my art grew from abstract to patterned to floral to portrait to all color. I was no longer grayscale. In 2014, I gave away all my paintings and traveled the world. Only recently settling in a city full of art and inspiration and other artists, post-MFA in Writing, always making. I worked for an alternative craft school and learned how to weave two threads together. Using textile as a response to a loss I experienced and continue to experience, I wrote a thesis on how I make art through finding the shape of my grief. I now work for an artist leading the macramé revival, and much of my art heads in the direction of the fiber arts. Although I do continue to remain true to my roots of paint. I created an art shop to help keep this dream going (a fraction of paying the bills, really). Much of my work is made with scraps and gifts. ‘Wild Light’ references a quote by the poet, Rumi, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” & how wild, (living or growing in a natural environment, or uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure. Let’s call it uninhibited and full of joy and sometimes sorrowful) this life is. Follow process and inspiration through Instagram.com/thiswildlight.

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