Productive Slumber

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Many writers experience the practice of their craft, at its most satisfying moments, as a sort of waking dream.  And so it is.  As science has shown, we are dreaming awake.   What’s more, the stuff of dreams is also the stuff of poetry and fiction, the stuff, indeed, of all the creative arts.  Their richly suggestive if unexpected recombinations and marvelously apt, nonlinear associations re-form patterns and perceptions brilliantly, with unaccountable wit.  Whether or not we remember them, the creative wellsprings that are our dreams flow freely each and every night, offering up—along with guidance and insight—potential material in abundance. Night Muse helps writers access and utilize this material. It also enlists the dreaming mind and conscious imagination to topple unconscious barriers to increased writerly satisfaction and success, blocks made all too visible by the distance they maintain between where we are as writers—whether in terms of the work itself or of publication, readership, sales, representation, etc.—and where we wish to be.

Writers, connect to the deep rhythm and deep narration that undergird your waking hours to infuse new life and new depth into all that you write (and very likely to emerge a more clarified, energized, amazed and delighted protagonist in the story you are living as well).  In this lively, experimental dream and writing workshop, we will connect with our dreams and we will write.  We will take fascinating journeys to the interior, bringing back, as much as possible, just the riches our art and our lives require.

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