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  • Goddess Deck Intuitive Readings – 4-card readings & interpretations
  • Golden Tarot Intuitive Readings – 3-card, Q&A 5-card, Golden Star 6-card, Celtic Cross 10-card readings & interpretations

What is an “intuitive reading”?

An intuitive reading only means that I am going to explain the significance of the cards chosen in terms of what those archetypes represent, while also interpreting what that significance *might* mean to your individual life based on my own intuition while working with you. I do not need to know your story unless you choose to tell it. My intuition guides what I think you need to “hear” from the cards chosen, but it remains up to you to determine how to use that information. Because it is intuition-based knowledge, I do not promise that what I say will resonate immediately with you, but I do believe that if you absorb the information and continue to reflect on it, you will eventually understand the message that was meant for you. It is not my practice to tell you what you should do or how to solve any issues you may have. What the reading and my interpretation offers you is insight into the answers and strengths that already lie within you so that you can tap into them to find the answers to your questions.

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